Lane Community College January 2017

Oregon Country Fair 2016

Martita Santiago with Dorian Crow from Marv Ellis and WE Tribe

"The Blackbird and the Crow"

Feria de Primavera, Portland, Oregon May 14, 2016

Eugene Salsa Festival March 2, 2016

Oregon Country Fair 2015
Sevillanas (Eyrika, Martita, Iana, Rose, Indi)


flamenco chico seviannas

Posted by Iana Wachyna on Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Martita's Solo

martita solo

martita solo

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Flamenco Hip Hop May 23, 2015

NW Stories Behind-The-Scenes: Dancing in the Studio, August 2014

Oregon Country Fair 2014

Hult Center February 2014

Hult Center - Bolero Pre-Show September 2013

Oregon Country Fair 2011

Martita Santiago, Flamenco Teacher and Choreographer, performs at the Hult Center, January 21,2011 in Eugene, Oregon at Dance For A Reason, along with her family (children and grandchildren). A truly rare performance with three generations on stage at once, this finale got a standing ovation with an audience of 2,000 people. Jaime Woods on guitar and vocals, Ishi Woods on cajon and vocals with dancers: Rose Woods, Vanessa Woods, Kristy Seitz, Iana Wachyna and Shakaia Francois along with four adorable grandchildren in polka dots and ruffles!

Flamenco Chico performing at the Vet's club Eugene OR. April 23, 2010. The salseros dance club 2 year Anniversary celebration.

Flamenco Chico at the Hult Center February 27, 2009 in Eugene, OR. Teacher and choreographer, Martita Santiago dances with her students. The first dance is a Solea and the next is Sevillanas.

Martita Santiago and students at the Hult Center January 2008 in Eugene, OR.

Martita Santiago collaboration with Trio Tarantella for a unique interpretive dance performance at the Oregon Country Fair 2007.